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Modern erotic massage: benefits for men

Eromassage is not an achievement of the last few decades of human development. No, a gentle, exciting procedure was invented in ancient times, when people learned their own body and sensuality. However, as time went on, varied the opinions, perception, attitude. It is not surprising that modern erotic massage, though still pursues the goal of delivering maximum pleasure, has changed significantly.

Do you want to learn more about the different techniques of sensual treatments? Come to the St. Petersburg men’s Spa “Mask” on Nevsky Prospekt! Beautiful girls will give an incredible relaxation, will open new opportunities of your body, will charge with positive energy!

In the meantime, we’ll tell you more about modern eromassage.

What is a modern erotic massage

So, any person has personal erogenous zones, the touch to which kindles passion, causes the strongest sexual desire and, of course, gives pleasure. But not such, what can be obtain from intimate neighborhood, and much more subtle, sensitive, striking. In fact, eromassazh opens and activates erogenous zones, gives the person the maximum discharge. Agree, it is necessary in the conditions of life of large megacities, and especially-capitals!

If earlier such procedures were a pleasure for the elected (kings, shahs, high-ranking masters), today they have become an urgent necessity. What is the life of a modern man? A never-ending run forward, ever-increasing demands, making money, providing for the family … no Wonder so many break down, surrendering to depression. So, the erotic massage will bring energy, lift your spirits, harmonizes your personal life.

The world has changed – so has the procedure. There were a lot of techniques designed for different men. Now everyone can choose an eromassazh in itself, having completely relaxed in the quiet, quiet atmosphere of our salon. What will we offer you?

The main stages of modern erotic massage

So, any modern erotic massage without sex involves three stages of action. Each of them is necessary and prepares you for the expected discharge.

  • Preparatory phase
  • Deliverance from external problems, indecision. The girl will prepare you for further action, relax as much as possible, relieve muscle tension. The main task of this stage is to adjust the body to the perception of gentle movements, throw away distracting thoughts, get rid of possible embarrassment.

  • Research phase
  • Each body is unique, has its own zones of sensual pleasure. It’s funny, but often even the person does not know how to react to a particular touch. Our masseuses will reveal your potential, find erogenous areas, explore every millimeter of the body. And it will be incredibly pleasant!

  • Directly massage
  • The purpose of modern eromassazh – to bring you to the top of pleasure, but not to the orgasm that occurs when intimacy. This is something else, difficult to describe in words, but very pleasant! Come, choose any procedure you like – and you will understand everything!

Want to relax? Crushed the stress of the big city? Well, modern erotic massage – is the procedure that will return strength and moreover, will help to move on, will give a great feeling, but just save! We invite you to our Spa for quality relaxation!