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Sakura Branch: bliss of Oriental massage

What do you think is the most important thing in a quality, professional erotic massage? You can list a lot: technique, atmosphere, pleasant singer (or performer), but!

We are still sure that the most important thing is maximum relaxation. Without it, you will not be able to experience true pleasure and ascend to the very heights of fabulous bliss. We invite you to an unforgettable session of erotic massage without sex with the poetic name “Sakura” in the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. You will experience a unique range of emotions that can not be described, but you need to at least once to feel!

What is the secret of the technique

Intimate massage finds its origins in Eastern practices based on the special philosophy of Asian peoples. No procedure is aimed only at sensual pleasure, although it brings tons of true pleasure. No less important components are the spiritual and philosophical background: the harmonization of the external and internal worlds, the production and preservation of pure cosmic energy, the exchange of human biofields. And in this regard, massage “Sakura” – one of the most interesting.

It originated in Japan and came from the ancient practices of concubine girls or skilled geishas. Surprisingly, in order to be able to carry out such a massage, courtesans had to undergo special training and even pass a kind of exam. Moreover, not everyone received the right to provide unusual sexual services. What’s unusual about them?

And the fact that no sexual intercourse is supposed, even oral. It is important that the man experienced unearthly bliss and got an orgasm without sex. That is why the girls had special requirements.

Working tool in such massage – not only hands, but the whole body. That is why the skin of beauty should be as well-groomed, attractive and not rough. Piercing, sharp manicure – totally unacceptable.

The Benefits and pleasures of the Sakura branch

Before the procedure, the girl is naked, leaving no clothes. Her touch is as gentle as stroking a branch of Sakura, and the skin emits the same pleasant, alluring aroma. To do this, masseuses use special oils, which, among other things, improve the slip.

Options for the development of further action – an infinite number. Each employee of the Spa for men “Mask” performs “Sakura” in its own scenario, bringing a man to the highest point of bliss. The correct procedure produces a health effect:

  • Helps to relax completely and to be detached from worldly cares;
  • Improves blood circulation, especially in the pelvic organs;
  • Increases libido, improves reproductive function.

“Sakura Branch” is a real salvation for the residents of St. Petersburg, constantly hurrying for life. In the city there is no time to relax, and numerous night clubs even more exhaust and don’t give the necessary relaxation. It is not surprising that there is a loss of harmony in personal relationships, there is irritation and indifference. So close to depression!

We Invite you to a session of erotic massage in the Spa “Mask”. We guarantee: you will love it, and the feeling will be so bright that they want to experience again and again.

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