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Massage of male intimate areas: in the hands of bliss

Many people refer to the massage of the intimate areas is biased: almost compare it to sex, only without the intimate act. The prelude, not a serious erotic fun, stimulating touch – not once klassificeret it! In fact, a real massage, conducted with understanding and love for the cause, works wonders. He inspires, gives a sea of inexhaustible energy, excites, inflames passion, in a word, reveals the pleasant moments of human life anew. Experience the unprecedented bliss you can visit men’s Spa “Mask”, which is conveniently located right in the familiar center of St. Petersburg – Nevsky prospect.

Though the statement “better once to try than hundred times to read” in relation to massage intimate areas completely fair, after all, offer to spend a little time to familiarize yourself with the savory procedure.

The Lightness of intimate massage

Paradoxically: erotic massage causes a storm of emotions, leaving few indifferent, but often perceived bias. Moreover, many men can not decide on an interesting procedure for a number of reasons:

  • are afraid to trust the most secluded places of his body to a woman;
  • related to spicy the procedure is almost as perfect fact to treason;
  • equate massage to intimate caresses, which they are not ready for;
  • do not understand all the charm and usefulness of such ancient techniques.

Indeed, the ancients: erotic massage without sex was born at the dawn of civilization in Eastern cultures. Thanks to the special worldview of the people and the specific attitude to sex, as well as physical and mental health, the procedure has acquired a secret, sacred meaning and almost completely lost its carnal component. Undoubtedly, it brings pleasure, but at the same time stimulates certain points, causing an influx of libido and improving blood flow, but does not imply direct sexual contact. I never imagined it.

The use of a pleasant procedure

When properly performed, massage men’s intimate areas, guys feel the incredible lightness, the seething energy in each part of the body lift forces. In addition, many ancient techniques are designed to improve the overall physical condition and really prevent common problems in the sexual sphere. But only if the massage girl really knows what she’s doing.

In the Spa “Mask” a team of true professionals who have studied techniques to the smallest detail. They are able to properly stimulate the body, know the secret points, bring to the true, crushing, freeing from any thoughts and experiences, bliss, from which dizzy. You will receive:

  • maximum relaxation, which has never experienced – we guarantee it;
  • opportunity to experience new sensations, which will give a grateful body;
  • increased blood flow in the internal organs, improving physical well-being;
  • improving mood and overall emotional background;
  • enjoy pleasant, confident, cool touches.

Do you want to live through really indescribable moments of detachment from the gray reality? Come to our Spa, and you will discover new, still unexplored facets of the world, which gives a quality made erotic massage. And, of course, no changes, because all our procedures do not involve sexual contact! Moreover, provide these massages and the girls, but this will be discussed in another story.

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