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Aqua Gel massage: what is, use, sensations

Over the entire human history invented a huge variety of massage techniques, including erotic. However, thanks to modern inventions, some particularly unusual, pleasant procedures were invented just recently, and they are not hundreds of years old, but only no more than a dozen. One of these is the Aqua-gel massage, giving the sea the most positive emotions and feelings.

What is this erotic massage is different from this, and what interesting discoveries a man can make who ordered it?

What is Aqua gel massage

The human body is incredibly sensitive: gratefully responds to new touches, actively reacts to the right stimuli. In this sense, water or warm, fluid substance with enveloping structure – excellent assistants, causing unreal excitement, exciting imagination, restoring libido.

Aqua massage uses water mixed with abundant foam. It turns out a gentle, airy substance, gently caressing the body. If you close your eyes, surrendering to the skillful actions of employees of St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask”, for a couple of minutes you will fly into the world of bliss. But aquajelly massage gives even more unusual sensations.

In it, the main working substance that provokes the body to react becomes a special gel – warm, light, incredibly pleasant. Absolutely safe, hypoallergenic, does not cause any irritation to the skin. But the most interesting thing: such an erotic massage is carried out in the bathroom, usually two girls perform it, touching their bodies with the body of a man. Smooth, soft sliding, exciting stroking of erotic zones, exchange of energy-the basis of true relaxation!

What effect, or what I will get

St. Petersburg is undoubtedly a cultural capital, but, like any other, it draws out creative energy and sucks out forces. Especially from men, from which requires always more, than from women. Achieving a decent income, desired profession, high social status, the stronger sex are stressed every day. In the end, such a frantic race leads to nervous breakdowns, depression, tragedies on the personal front.

What will save the day? Of course, correctly executed erotic massage without intim, forcing to turn away from problems, having plunged into a pleasure Nirvana. Spa “Mask” offers a variety of techniques. However, Aqua-gel massage is one of the best, because it combines gentle touch and soothing effect of warm liquid, enveloping the whole body at once. Ordering procedure, you will get:

  • complete relaxation, which probably have not experienced even once in my life;
  • arousal, burst of sexual energy, which is creative;
  • overall significant improvement in health, mood lift.

You might argue that drinking is about the same thing, but this is a misconception. Any erotic massage opens the sexual chakra, promotes the flow of positive energy – and its essential to preserve. Alcohol only creates the appearance of joy, a temporary change in consciousness, entailing decline, irritability, regret.

If you want a true, pure relaxation, filling life with new colors – order an eromassage, which will be performed by professional employees of the Spa “Mask”, located on Nevsky Prospekt. No disappointment – only the present, full-fledged pleasure opening other side of the sensual world.