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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage: bliss Paradise Islands

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage – a procedure not familiar to every inhabitant of St. Petersburg and guests of the city too not all know. Sounds exotic, enticing, interesting, but not understandable. Meanwhile, this is one of the varieties of erotic massage without sex, and she really makes an impression even on those who are already spoiled by such pleasures.

You also want to try? Well, we invite you in our cozy Spa-salon on the Nevsky. Door “Masks” are always open, there is an atmosphere of understanding and peace. Soft, flowing corners light, soft music, muffled conversations – it’s all tunes to relax. Well, if you order a Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage, the pleasure will increase significantly. Let’s see what the magic procedure.

What is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, and for whom he

Our beloved Peter – the city is beautiful, majestic, but nervous. There are constantly in a hurry, trying to make more money, feel a lot of negativity. As a consequence, the formed stress. And it already provokes trouble in his personal life, infinite fatigue, apathy and a complete lack of libido. To cope with such problems, we invite you to St. Petersburg men’s Spa “Mask” on a nice, relaxing Spa treatment Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

The Procedure is unique in that it has a single, predetermined technique of conducting. It is generally each time a unique and tailored for you. This is partly why massage is called “soft” because it is entirely customer driven and conducted so that as pleasant and relaxing. Always during the sound of Hawaiian chants, use a variety of aromatic oils that increase the sensitivity as well as special wooden sticks to carefully and gently “go over” your body, causing unprecedented bliss.

However, such tools are not used every time and not with every customer. Most girls caress your body with fingertips, and the touch is similar to the tickle of feathers on the skin. An incredible feeling, unusual emotions, an indescribable thrill! But, again, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage is created here and now, so the next time it will be quite different, but no less enjoyable.

What you will get from this massage

When booking any massage, even one as incredible as Lomi-Lomi, everyone hopes to relax and relive a few dozen indescribably cool moments. Of course, still want to improve your health, regain life saturated colors, to remove the eternal fatigue and once again feel capable of loving deeds. All you get by ordering a Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage. And in addition here’s another:

  • complete relaxation not only the body but also the soul;
  • feeling that you are loved, cared for, remove the negativity;
  • improve overall physical condition, lifting of mood and tone;
  • unusual tactile sensations, which you have never experienced;
  • freedom from pain in different parts of the body, particularly in the head;
  • same cheerfulness, which is now so fashionable to say.

In a word, cool! Our charming masseuses will carry out the procedure correctly, and at the same time to talk to you, will listen, help pour out the stress. Is now the time that no one just. And especially men who are trying to provide not only himself but his entire family.

To remove the Stress you need, even necessary. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage – a great way of giving pleasure which is almost impossible to describe with words. You completely lose yourself in the process, forget about everything, forget the issues of the day. And then still coming back to earth, but quite a different person: cheerful, ready to fight the difficulties of modern life. Welcome to the men’s Spa “Mask” on Nevsky, 51: this is where dreams come to life and returns great fighting spirit!