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How to do erotic massage yourself

Erotic massage is a procedure that hardly anyone will refuse. Very pleasant, relaxing and exciting at the same time, causing a unique range of different emotions. Could there be something even more pleasant?

Actually, yes, it can. Especially magical eromassage becomes when it is carried out by a loved one in a peaceful home environment. That is why it is best to learn this art yourself, acquiring useful skills and giving pleasure to your partner.

However, it is important to understand that erotic massage is not given to everyone. And if you realize that nothing is working, it is better to contact specialists. In the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask” charming girls spend the most gentle treatments. Moreover, you can order a relaxation just for yourself or for a loved one, or for a couple. Believe me, it will be a wonderful experience, igniting a spark of passion and giving unique emotions!

Eromassage the path to new discoveries

If you still decide to learn various erotic massage techniques yourself, then be patient. After all, this is not just a gentle touch that excites passion.

This is about something much bigger. After all, this is real magic, which you need to be able to handle correctly. Learning the art of erotic massage, you discover new ideas about the human body. Learn about erogenous zones, the mysteries of touch, and games with intimate organs. You have no idea how many secrets our body hides!

No wonder they say: intimate massage is something amazing. Man is very interesting. His body has billions of receptors that respond to touch in completely different ways. Moreover, you need to touch not only gently and affectionately, but also roughly, sometimes causing some pain bordering on pleasure. That’s why, if you decide to master the art of eromassage, you should be ready for new discoveries.

Erotic treatments with your own hands

In fact, erotic massage is not just about touching with your hands. Such techniques often involve the entire body. Lips, teeth, mammary glands – you will have to use more than just them. Sometimes massage is performed in full contact of the bodies of the person who makes it and the person who receives it.

So, before you start self-massage, make sure that you have mastered the chosen technique. Then be sure to prepare the room for the upcoming pleasant adventure:

  • make the bed nicely, dim the light slightly;
  • surround the bed with numerous candles, light scented candles;
  • prepare aromatic oils that excite your partner;
  • choose light, relaxing melodies, turn them on at a low volume;
  • prepare wet wipes, ice cubes, paper or cotton towels;
  • stock up on a great mood, a desire to satisfy your loved one, and delicious wine.

Remember that erotic massage, regardless of the chosen technique, requires complete immersion and a lot of time. It is not limited to five minutes. Therefore, if you are set up for the fastest possible result, it is better not to get down to business at all. The partner should completely relax and feel the charm of an intimate procedure. This will not work if you yourself are nervous and in a hurry.

One of the most significant and constant mistakes of eromassage beginners is the impact exclusively on the genitals and intimate areas. This is not how experienced professionals make clients. The main areas of touch that drive a person crazy are not obvious to many. These are the neck, buttocks, inner thighs, lower back, ears, feet, chest, and shoulders. If you touch them correctly, you can bring them to a climax without even touching the erogenous zones.

Massage your loved one, RUB against him, tickle, cause increasing excitement. Believe me, this game will appeal to absolutely everyone, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman. Just try it – and your joint world will blossom with new, bright colors!

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