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Is it true that erotic massage excites

Many men, and women too, ask a strange question: does erotic massage really excite? After all, people come to this pleasant procedure to restore libido and experience the brightest sensations, so they have the right to expect sexual pleasure. Which, as we know, is impossible without excitement.

But on the other hand, most massage techniques, especially traditional, aimed at maximum muscle relaxation, achieving complete relaxation. Feeling, quite frankly, the opposite. Here also there is a reasonable and very interesting question, and whether excites in General erotic massage without intim and what effect it is possible to receive from it? Well, today we will tell all about it

Stimulating effect of erotic massage

Erotic massage itself is perceived in two ways. First of all, it is a great option for love foreplay, taking place between a guy and a girl in the bedroom. Such a “home” procedure causes the strongest emotions and, of course, in this version excites. Well, how not to get excited when there is a loved one who touches so openly and desirable?

On the other hand, it can be carried out in specialized salons, such as St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”, and is almost a medical procedure. And, helping from a set of men’s (and women’s too) problems which are especially frequent and dangerous in the conditions of promptly living St. Petersburg. Competently carried out eromassazh will help:< / p>

  • to restore desire and interest to the opposite sex;
  • open up, get rid of internal complexes;
  • experience incredible, powerful sensations;
  • to experience passion and pleasure, which have not been for a long time.

Eromassazh from professionals is not only pleasant procedure, but also real prevention of the numerous problems connected with the sexual sphere. And, given that in today’s urban stress is this area of human life suffers the fastest and most, such services in Metropolitan areas are vital. And, of course, they excite. If only because it involves touching the most intimate corners of the body, plus reveal new erogenous zones, which you did not even know. And when you consider that such massage techniques are also carried out by pretty employees, there is nothing surprising in the response. You are guaranteed to get excited and experience a cool feeling!


Qualitatively conducted erotic massage at the same time and relaxes. Having experienced the maximum pleasure, having soared to the top of sensual pleasure, you will have a rest. The muscles relax, the body seems to lose its weight and boundaries. Because this is the meaning of any massage: to bring the muscular corset in order to make a person relax.

Do you want to experience everything for yourself? Welcome to our Spa in the heart of beautiful St. Petersburg!