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Is erotic massage cheating

The attitude to erotic massage even in a modern, generally tolerant and liberated society is quite uneven. This fact cannot be denied or disputed. But today we will try once and for all to resolve one of the most popular questions that often torment married Spa visitors: will such a procedure become treason to your beloved second half?

In general, no, and you will understand why, at least once visiting the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”, which opens its doors wide for its customers at any time of the day. Just come – and plunge into the soft, gentle waves of sensual pleasure, without experiencing any remorse. Why doubt it? After all, we have programs for couples or for women that deliver incredible pleasure. But still, let’s take a closer look at the services offered.

Fun without cheating and accusations

In general, for some reason it so happened that avid lovers of erotic massage-mostly men. Even a certain average image emerges: a fairly wealthy young man who adores sensual pleasures and wants to experience new reactions of his own body. Of course, often married. But a traitor?

And here you need to take a little bit of a break. Let’s figure out what treason is in General. This is physical, or rather even sexual contact, supported by passionate feelings, with another person who is neither a spouse nor a partner. That is, to change, you need not only to perform an intimate act, but also it is desirable to be attracted to the object of such relationships. And here we understand that no intimate massage, despite its piquant name, does not fit this definition. Because:

  • charming girls-pampered, though they touch you with different parts of their bodies, but do not allow any sexual contact – this is the main condition of decent spas;
  • you will be offered a variety of techniques, including ancient Eastern and modern, so there will always be something to choose, and at the same time get not only relaxation, but also benefit for your own health;
  • the vast majority of types of erotic massage are aimed at restoring harmony in interpersonal relationships, restoring libido, and, therefore, improving marital life, adding passion to the gray everyday life;< li>
  • many techniques are included in complex therapy that involves the prevention of various diseases of the sexual and reproductive systems, although they are not medical procedures in themselves.

So, what do we have in the end? Any Eromassazh – occupation, of course, pleasant and very much similar to a sexual act. That’s just the desired discharge you get just from touching, from intimate caresses, secret techniques that are used by charming girls. The pleasure is unreal, the relaxation is complete and very pleasant. But it can’t be called treason.

In addition, there is always an option to come to class procedures as a couple, or give your favorite woman a similar sea of bliss. After all, erotic massage – it is truly multi-faceted, and here everyone will find something that will thankfully respond not only to his body, but also to his soul!

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