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Erotic massage for men: different and cool

So the big city. A modern metropolis where the lights never go off, but life does not stop even for a hundredth of a second. All somewhere in a hurry, like ants, restoring your home, if someone destroyed. Agree, these words fully characterize the beloved Peter?

Despite the undoubted beauty, St. Petersburg crushes and drains. Living in his furious pace, people lose their strength and become like the grim shadows of their former selves. Especially men who need to take care of the family. And what to do in this case? Where in St. Petersburg to restore energy, shamelessly sucked? Welcome to the men’s Spa “Mask” on erotic massage. You not only relax and forget the worries, but relax like never before. It will be an unforgettable journey to the land where the living is not the problem.

What is erotic massage for men

This question can not be answered unequivocally. Why? Yes, simply because over the millennia of its existence, mankind has invented many types of relaxing and stimulating erotic massage for men. For women, however, also, but this will be discussed another time. While we talk about boys. Here are just a few common techniques.

Classic erotic massage for men

One of the most common types. Main feature: special attention is given to the sexual organs, which are stimulated directly or indirectly. This could include massage Muladhara, lingam massage, etc. In the process man can experience orgasm, although it is not the purpose of professionally the procedure being performed. In any case, you will receive a relaxation and incomparable pleasure.

Therapeutic erotic massage

Go ahead. Life in the rhythm of Saint-Petersburg often yields negative consequences, and particularly dramatically they affect the male reproductive system. The lack of desire and indifference to the intimate sphere can cover even a young guy. To solve the problem and return the sexual energy will help a special intimate massage. It is based on medical knowledge and restores the health. One of the best examples urological massage.

Sensual erotic massage

And this kind of erotic massage reveals all the facets of male sensuality and even allows you to look beyond her limits. Moreover, he may not presume touching intimate places, but have and excite no worse than sexual foreplay. This group includes the following equipment: Aqua massage, Thai massage, tantric, etc.

In short, we invite you to our salon. You will see how great and wonderful world of erotic massage and will discover a brand new, exquisite sensations. I think I have tried everything? Wrong! Actually, you don’t even know what sensual reaction capable body. Come on Nevskiy 51 and you will understand!

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