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What is erotic massage with Reiki

When talking about the erotic massage with the Reiki energy, often imagine the procedure is wrong. Thanks to the emerging associations, people draw in the imagination is quite a difficult technique with the obligatory use of a flat stick, such as Reiki. But in fact, everything is much more mysterious and interesting. And, of course, not without Eastern philosophy.

What is Reiki and how does it relate to eromassage

So, St. Petersburg. The city is, of course, cultural and beautiful, but, like any other metropolis, not without stressful situations. Constant haste, almost sleepless rhythm of life, sucking vital energy-everything, as everywhere. And where to restore the lost peace of mind, strength, where to take the cheerfulness and desire to move forward, enjoying a new day? Here comes to the aid of erotic massage, but not simple, but with the use of Reiki. What is this?

No, you will not be hit or pinned with sticks, causing you to experience unusual sensations. Do not believe me – come to St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask” and check! After all, in the Eastern view of the Reiki-is the Japanese concept of “Rei-Ki”, which means “universal energy, or the energy of the higher mind, cosmic.” Some creative flows that return to the human inner harmony, natural forces and the desire to move forward, to win. Transmitted just the right impact with your hands.

Рow does Reiki relate to eromassage? Everything is simple: by special manipulations carried out exclusively by gentle female hands, beautiful girls establish communication of the client with space, restore the balance lost in a mad rhythm of modern life, give the chance to feel inflow of forces. It helps not only to relax, but also to recharge with positive energy.

Цhat is the benefit of such a massage

As we have said more than once, eromassazh – the perfect way to relax, surrender to the waves of pleasure, fruitful rest and feel your own body. Plus, it charges, uplifts, adjusts not to overcome new peaks. However, erotic massage without sex, but with the use of Reiki, many times better. It will give a range of vivid sensations, plus:

  • will help to experience the incredible burst of energy to every cell of the body;
  • will reveal your inner potential, giving way to new thoughts, useful ideas;
  • will return a sense of inner harmony, harmony with ourselves, the satisfaction;
  • will remove absolutely all energy clips inside your body;
  • will restore the right sexual balance, normalizing personal relationships
  • .

Today, the fact that constant stress leads to violations of sexual function and, therefore, problems in all spheres of adult life is no longer a secret. Again to consider all the colors of life, to learn to be happy, to experience inner peace and happiness, it is necessary to establish the flow of sexual, creative energy. Eromassazh with Reiki perfectly copes with the set, in General, a difficult task.

We Invite you to the salon of erotic massage, comfortably tripled right in the center of St. Petersburg and wearing a romantic and mysterious name “Mask”. It is here that will relieve tension and teach again to enjoy the wonders of the world!

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