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Erotic massage: only pleasure or even benefits health

It just so happens that erotic massage people are not perceived as a serious procedure that can significantly improve your health. Rather, it is put on a par with other sensual pleasures, nothing but positive sentiments and bliss during, not carriers. But this is not quite true.

When the erotic massage becomes a healing procedure

Surprisingly, even the enlightened inhabitants of St. Petersburg are confused about all the techniques of erotic massage. But in fact they are like the magic elixir, shed your body and return to its former enthusiasm. But only under certain conditions. Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • Professionalism.
  • These procedures should only be carried out by trained professionals who know the secret points and erogenous zones, who can play with the human body. In the salon of erotic massage “Mask” on Nevsky prospect, 51 work just like that! Our girls will reveal to you the potential sensitivity, which you did not assume.

  • Lack complexes and fears.
  • the Masseuse must not be ashamed of a man who trusted her. And especially, not allowed even the slightest manifestation of disgust. You trust her completely, and she without hesitation does what you need. However, our more specialist and talk with your customers, listen to them. It is important for a trusting relationship, which is a quality erotic massage.

  • Understanding of the philosophy of massage.
  • Intimate massage is never empty, it is filled with an internal philosophy and is subject to the peculiarities of the worldview of the people who originated. If the one who performs the procedure, not know what background she is under a, then technique is not followed. In our salon this just will not happen.

  • Understanding of the purpose of the massage.
  • Many people mistakenly believe that the erotic massage just relieves tension. No, it also stimulates certain areas, resulting in restoration of sexual energy and the return of libido. Therefore, if a masseuse understands what and why she performs the procedure, and the pleasure from her actions you will get is incredible.

Many techniques of erotic massage no sex at all included in the official complex of medical measures for the prevention or treatment of any disease, often associated with sexual sphere. In the part of the conservative therapy they really work and help to resolve tormenting the patient’s questions. For example, the same urological massage conducted properly and carefully, to cope with the problems, not only sexually, but also physiological. Plus, it helps the prevention or treatment of diseases associated with the prostate gland.

Combining pleasant and useful in real life

Yes, so you can describe an erotic massage, but only one that is professional. He not only delivered with what incomparable pleasure, reveal the sensual potential of the body, restore energy, and improve health, will cause the body to function correctly.

In short, a huge benefit and great fun. Than not the epitome of simple human dreams is to combine useful and enjoyable, and in a harmonious relationship? If you want to experience how it works erotic massage in practice, come to “the Mask”! We are in the very centre of Saint Petersburg and widely opens doors for you.