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Erotic massage for women in every movement – pleasure

Girls are mysterious, difficult, and to understand them, maybe just one who knows particularly the delicate life of truth. However, none of the fairer sex will not refuse a classy erotic massage, revealing a fine line of women’s sensitivity. Where you can touch a heavenly delight in the huge, majestic Saint-Petersburg? Welcome to the erotic massage salon “Mask”, which is welcoming on Nevsky prospect, 51. It is here a homelike atmosphere with quiet murmuring music has the better guests. A professional masseuse gone into the world of pleasure and sensuality.

But let us all in order. What is female erotic massage and how it affects the General well-being and health?

Variety of erotic massage for girls

It is known that the female body gratefully responds to affection, but almost all the body is made of erogenous zones. Just the girls differ from the men. Erotic massage for women not always involves the exposure of the intimate organs. Often they were hardly affected, but the effect is unexpected. Traditionally, such procedures include:

  • Body massage. The same technique is carried out and for the boys and for couples. Involves the exposure of the whole body, and with a clear sexual subtext, but without the sexual act.
  • Thai-massage. Also quite popular procedure used for men. Unlike Thai erotic massage for women in that it is more gentle and delivers particularly sharp, indescribable feeling of contact with the body of the masseuse.
  • Yoni massage. There is already directly included the intimate area, and in particular female genital organs. This technique involves direct, very neat and slow stimulation of their bringing the client to the top of bliss.
  • Tantric massage. Here the main condition – is carrying out a procedure guy. In the process of this massage is the exchange of energy partners, and the girl receives a powerful charge of vivacity and strength from the person of the opposite sex.

In short, you can order best erotic massage no sex throughout St. Petersburg. Our employees know how to deliver real pleasure and the best pleasure for which will want to come again and again. And not even once.

Not only pleasure but also health benefits

St. Petersburg- the city, of course, beautiful. He admires the architecture, affects the talent of painters and poets, but! Draws energy, slowly sucking all the power and makes the run forward at their own frantic pace. It is not surprising that under such conditions, the life loses paint, and all desire disappears somewhere without a trace.

In our salon, you will restore lost. Experts “Masks” that will bring you joy and lights up the world into a new, bright and saturated colors. Erotic massage gets women sensuality, reveals the potential of whole body, gives an incomparable, multi-faceted emotions. You will plunge into the world of passion, will experience a surge of desire to bring harmony in personal and public life. There will be forces for new achievements. Will be back active and energetic.

And yet you will discover incisively and new facets of the physical senses. And become at least a little bit, but happier and more relaxed. Come to “the Mask” on Nevsky, 51 and enjoy!