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Erotic massage for couples: a few interesting facts

Erotic massage for couples, you can experience not only within the walls of his bedroom, alone with a loved one, but in Saint-Petersburg Spa salon for men “Mask”. We invite you and your mate on the Nevsky prospect, 51, to meet the diversity of the world of sense gratification. You will not only get pleasure, which is not even suspected, but will also improve relationship between each other, will ignite a little passion already today, and just to relax, at the same time aroused.

I will say, it does not happen? Come to “the Mask”, and you will feel, experience, understand. We are confident that by opening this side of erotic massage for couples, you will return to repeat the fun.

But today we will not talk about technology. There is better time to order than tens of times to read and reread. We will tell you some interesting facts, lets look at the procedure in a slightly different way.

Facts about massage that is performed for couples

It would seem that this could be an amazing erotic massage treatments for couples in love? Just a kind of adventure, perhaps redefine a relationship that makes you feel more, and even causing the prick of jealousy, but! Not so simple this procedure and it is actually something magical.

Fact first. No sex!

Surprisingly, this technique is designed to pleasure both partners in the pair is erotic massage without sex, and it does not imply any continuation. Thus, you’ll really vozbuditeli and your other half too, but no implementation, at least within the walls of our salon, passion will not get. This is necessary in order to libido accumulated and resulted in a powerful stream of searing passion. But already at home.

Fact second – touch and vision is paramount

You can not even imagine what feelings can your own body. And all because touch is the first sense that a newborn is experiencing. It is sharper than all the others, every cell of the body capable of rapidly and differently respond to touch. But erotic massage for couples goes even further – it adds to the sense of touch sight, and the pleasure increases millions of times. You will not only enjoy yourself, but watch what bliss feels loved. All this leads to ecstasy and the most vivid emotions.

Fact third: endorphins at the peak of relaxation

The endorphin – the hormone of happiness, which, as we know, never enough people, especially the residents of a large metropolis type of St. Petersburg. But erotic massage is especially for couples, is able to trigger the active production of “happy hormones”. The fact is that when a man or a woman touches a total stranger, but a nice man, he felt a surge of happiness. That’s how the body. However, endorphin will be even greater if there is beloved, experiencing the same pleasure. In the end, erotic massage for couples not only restores strength, but also gives the true, primeval happiness, which is so lacking in modern people.

If you don’t believe and want to check it out for yourself to discover on your own, we invite you into the center of St. Petersburg. Delicate and charming employee “Mask” will give you real pleasure and will look at erotic massage in new ways. Be sure to bring: she, along with you will fly in peaks of happiness and bliss.

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