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Erotic massage Technique recreation of the Pharaoh

Erotic massage has been known to the world for a long time, and even in the era of the pharaohs it already existed. Specially trained women skillfully delivered to the Lord pleasure, without having sex with him. The world knows different techniques of sensual relaxation, but one of the most interesting – “rest of the Pharaoh.” Today we will talk about it in detail.

Well, those who want to learn about the delights of eromassazh firsthand, we invite you to the St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask”. It is located on Nevsky prospect, friendly opening doors before visitors. Here skilful, pretty girls, completely devoid of complexes and embarrassment, will offer you a variety of pleasure techniques, carrying away far from everyday problems.

What is “Pharaoh’s rest”

Pharaoh is a very busy man. In ancient times, the management of a huge state came very young youths who do not know what a difficult task faces them. Solving political issues, waging wars and equipping the lives of ordinary citizens, they especially badly needed a good, really relaxing holiday. And soon it was invented.

“Rest of the Pharaoh” – a special technique of erotic massage, rooted in the history of Ancient Egypt. Now no one can say exactly when and by whom it was invented, but the basic techniques have survived to this day. Nowadays, to experience the beauty of the ancient procedure can any man – just come to the Spa and Express your desire.

So, erotic massage with the loud name “rest of the Pharaoh” assumes influence on such sensitive zones of a male body as buttocks. It is believed that there is one of the most important sexual centers, accumulating positive energy. Stimulating him, the woman relaxes man, ascends to the top of pleasure and allows you to completely relax. After the procedure, a person feels elation, filling with internal forces and the ability to solve the most difficult problems. Just what you need, and a real modern pharaohs!

Features of ancient technology

During this interesting erotic massage without sex the main attention is paid to buttocks. The girl crumples them, pinches, spanks, causing the man an incredible range of emotions. Some actions during the session:

  • performance of belly dance elements with a touch to the client’s body;
  • constant change of rhythms of influence stimulating growth of excitation;
  • combining contactless techniques of classical erotic massage & body massage;
  • stimulate the areas of the perineum resulting in the strongest orgasm.

The peculiarity of any professional erotic massage is the complete absence of intimate contact. It is assumed the increase of sexual arousal, direct stimulation of erogenous zones, but orgasm is achieved without sexual intercourse. In ancient times it was believed that this is how a man releases all the negative energy, and its place is positive, creative. Consequently, the mood improves, and health is strengthened, and for new exploits and achievements of the ruler again ready.

Of course, many hundreds of years have passed since then, and the situation has changed radically. Sensual today, bringing true pleasure and allows you to turn away completely from all worldliness massage “rest of the Pharaoh” is available to absolutely every man. Come to the Spa – and experience the pleasure that was previously allowed only to the Almighty lords and nobles.

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