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Erotic massage: the procedure, useful for health

It is still customary to treat erotic massage ambiguously. Some perceive it only as preliminary games, an opportunity to relax and, doing nothing, to derive sensual pleasure. Others regard the procedure as one of the varieties of conventional massage, albeit more Frank, but also helps to improve health. Third – as a kind of sexual entertainment, akin to adultery.

What is erotic massage really? We invite you to the Spa for men “Mask”, which every day awaits its guests in the heart of St. Petersburg. Cozy rooms, soft music, skillful girls who know exactly what to do – all this you will get in our institution without any problems. And the answer to the most burning question: what is eromassage?

Sensual pleasure

Of course, intimate massage is a procedure that is not without pleasure. You are sure to get a sensual pleasure, which, perhaps, have never experienced before. Each employee knows the special point, gently and tenderly affect them, causing an incredible feeling.

You will completely relax, disconnect from reality, will be carried away to the world of true, primordial bliss. This is one of the main positive effects of properly performed eromassazha. And it is for him that many customers come to us again and again. After all, in a constantly hurrying, never resting and not sleeping St. Petersburg, relaxation is sometimes just vital. At least in order not to go crazy from the oppressive stress.

From this point of view, erotic massage without sex is a great way to turn away from everyday worries and immerse yourself in the world of your own feelings. A procedure that perfectly restores peace of mind and really helps to deal with the stress of big cities. Necessary, first of all, men, but not too much for the beautiful half of humanity.

Health care

Few people know that well – conducted erotic massage helps to deal with various health problems, and in the first place-in the genitourinary and reproductive systems. Often, some of its types are recommended to include in the complex therapy of various diseases (for example, urological or prostate massage). If equipment is owned by the specialist, in addition to this pleasure, you get:

  • proper stimulation of internal organs;
  • normalization and restoration of blood circulation in the pelvis;
  • oxygen saturation of all tissues;
  • splash of energy, return of libido.

From this point of view, erotic massage is a necessary medical procedure that brings incredible pleasure. Perhaps no other effect on the body can be compared with it in the power of pleasure. Plus, helpful. But! Important condition: massage should be carried out by specialists, those who know exactly what they are doing and how. Such girls work in St. Petersburg “Mask”.

We invite you to the beautiful rooms of our institution and guarantee: it will be unforgettable!