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What is all inclusive, and what is included there

In general, the erotic massage itself is a very relaxing procedure and delivers a variety of pleasures. It can excite, playing with feelings literally on the verge, bring the desired discharge, drop into the sea of blissful bliss. But if the client lacks something, they are offered the all inclusive service. Today we offer to find out what can be included in it.

Well, if you suddenly want to experience the magic effect of professional erotic massage on yourself and learn something completely new about your own body, just come to the famous St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. Here you are always waiting for charming girls, completely devoid of any complexes and ready to take after them into the world of fabulous sensations.

What kind of beast is this-all inclusive

The word came from English, the Russian version of the pronunciation “ol inclusive”. Translated simply and it seems even clear: “all inclusive”, but in fact, here lies the main mystery. What is everything, where is included and in General, what is it about? Of course, an untrained visitor to the salon will not accept this expression.

Well, we’ll help you figure it out.

As a rule, every Spa, including our favorite “Mask”, offers not just erotic massage, but certain programs. All of them are performed according to a special scheme, and there are no random movements and can not be. Most common offers:< / p>

  • classic eromassazh (does not involve any spicy “chips”);
  • massage “Sakura branch” (very gentle, with a clear Oriental flavor);
  • tantric (suggest if you want to try something bright);
  • paired (performed for both partners, gives a colorful impression);
  • lingam massage (available only for men);
  • urological (also acts as prevention of diseases), etc.

In these programs, there is an opportunity for improvisations, which experienced specialists never refuse, but in General, the basic scheme is the same. But if you want to add some special features, such as a private dance or order the services of not one but two masseuses, you will have to resort to the all inclusive option. It significantly expands the main program, diversifying it with spicy additions. This is a very unusual and really impressive version of a relaxing holiday that will appeal to true” gourmets ” of eromassazh!

Many may think that all inclusive includes something more, such as a sexual act. But this is not the case. In a professional Spa, you will only be offered an erotic massage without intimacy. After all, the whole point of such a service is to give pleasure without sex, open up new sides and show what reactions your body can give.

If you want to get the most pleasure, completely forgetting about the world around you, just order the all inclusive program, and you will realize that you have not experienced all the overflows of sensual pleasure yet!