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Why do erotic massage

It would Seem that the question of what is done erotic massage should not arise at all. It helps to relax in a frenzied rhythm of such a huge metropolis as St. Petersburg. It adjusts to the positive, gives a feeling of lightness and complete relaxation, in the end, just brings incomparable pleasure. Many men note that eromassazh is even better and more sensitive than sex, and in some ways this statement corresponds to the truth. But!

Still, why do we need these Frank procedures? What is the magical effect exerted on us professionally executed intimate massage, plunging into the unknown oceans of bliss?

Let’s be honest: the answer to this question is not so simple.

Such a diverse erotic massage…

Let’s Start with the fact that erotic massage is carried out in different conditions. For example, we invite you to a wonderful institution – salon of erotic massage on Nevsky “Mask”. Here charming girls will perform pleasant procedures for you, perfectly knowing all modern techniques. You will relax, experience incredible sensations, experience real bliss – and get new strength to move forward in the rhythm of the big city.

However, in this case it is a professional service for which the client pays money. But you can get sensual pleasure and relax at home under the gentle hands of your beloved woman. It will also be an erotic massage, filled with sincere feelings, passion, mutual affection, but unprofessional.

Their objectives are as different as the procedures themselves.

Goals that exactly justify the means

Here we come to the interesting question: why do an erotic massage? The main answer remains the same: to make a person as relaxed as possible, experienced unearthly pleasure, charged with creative energy and positive. But there are additional goals:

  • to home option is to arouse sexual desire, heat of the partner, set on sex;
  • for therapeutic – to help get rid of internal complexes, to liberate, to solve problems in the sexual sphere, to return libido;
  • for the classic professional – through direct or indirect stimulation of erogenous zones and genitals to bring a person to orgasm, relieve tension.

In no case should professional eromassage be equated with sexual relations. No procedure and no technique, even being too Frank, do not involve intimate contact. Everything happens due to the correct stimulation of the sensory corners of the human body – and nothing more.

Well, if you want to see for yourself, we invite you to a modern, cozy men’s Spa “Mask”. Believe me, you will experience unrealistic feelings after discovering earlier the new borders of sensuality!