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Erotic massage at home

How to do erotic massage yourself Erotic massage is a procedure that hardly anyone will refuse. Very pleasant, relaxing and exciting at the same time, causing a unique range of different emotions. Could there be something even more pleasant? Actually, yes, it can. Especially magical eromassage becomes when it is carried out by a loved […]

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Sexuality and erotic massage

Sexuality in erotic massage Erotic massage is an opportunity to feel something new and discover other facets of sensual physical relationships. The contact of bodies, tenderness, unusual sensations-all this is hidden in a pleasant procedure. But not only that. Sexuality is an integral part of eromassage. And since it differs between men and women, today […]

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Varieties of modern massage

What can be a modern massage No one will refuse erotic massage. Even if at first it is inconvenient, awkward and shameful to decide on such a Frank procedure, interest still wins. And once tried, few people do not want to go back to repeat or order something completely different, giving a truly incredible feeling. […]

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Unusual types of massage

Types of massages you didn’t even know about Massage – a procedure invented a long time ago. Previously, such pleasure was received only by the elite, the powers that be, because not everyone could afford the services of professionals. Today everything changed. Any man can come to St. Petersburg Spa “Mask” and experience incredible pleasure […]

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The 5 facts about massage

h1>Massage: so different and so useful Any kind of massage, not only erotic, but also therapeutic or preventive, brings a lot of benefits. First, it helps to relax, put the muscles in order, get a pleasant physical sensation. Secondly, it restores normal blood flow, nourishing and saturating the internal tissues with oxygen, vitamins, micro-and macroelements. […]

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When is the best time to do erotic massage

Best time for sex erotic massage In the Spa, providing services of modern erotic massage, a relaxing procedure will hold you at almost any time (if the institution is around the clock), or at a convenient while it works. But! Interestingly, and whether there are hours in the day, when the fun reaches its maximum […]

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Sexy foot massage

What is foot massage and how it helps in relationships Eastern wisdom is a very delicate matter. Perhaps even thinner than the East itself. It’s amazing how there are kind and attentive to the intima and the knowledge of the boundaries of sensuality of the human body. It was Asia that gave us a lot […]

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Oils for intimate massage

Why do we need oils in erotic massage Erotic massage – the procedure is special, filled with sensuality, giving an incredible feeling of touch and causing real pleasure. Since most of the techniques involves a direct impact on the male (and female too) erogenous zones, then do without special lubricants does not work. Otherwise, just […]

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Erotic massage recreation of the Pharaoh

Erotic massage Technique recreation of the Pharaoh Erotic massage has been known to the world for a long time, and even in the era of the pharaohs it already existed. Specially trained women skillfully delivered to the Lord pleasure, without having sex with him. The world knows different techniques of sensual relaxation, but one of […]

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Erotic massage with Reiki

What is erotic massage with Reiki When talking about the erotic massage with the Reiki energy, often imagine the procedure is wrong. Thanks to the emerging associations, people draw in the imagination is quite a difficult technique with the obligatory use of a flat stick, such as Reiki. But in fact, everything is much more […]

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