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The pleasure of erotic massage

Maximum pleasure: how to behave in spas Erotic massage – the procedure is the most pleasant. It helps to relax completely, to forget about the oppressive problems, to experience sensations that have not happened before. This is a real discovery of the sensuality of the body, a unique opportunity to know yourself better, closer, deeper. […]

30 Dec 2018Posted in: Information

Oriental erotic massage

Eromassage Ethnic group: what is it Ethnics in erotic massage is represented, to a greater extent, by Oriental techniques. In General, this part of the world is deservedly considered the progenitor of pleasant, exciting procedures. It is not surprising that there are a variety of sensual pleasure. What are the types of erotic massage usually […]

15 Nov 2018Posted in: Information

The atmosphere in the erotic massage

What should be the atmosphere for erotic massage Erotic massage – a procedure that really takes you beyond the ordinary world makes you discover the possibilities of your own body, shows new facets of sensual pleasure. But the desired effect will not work, if you do not create a special, relaxing atmosphere. The client should […]

15 Sep 2018Posted in: Information

What is erotic massage

Erotic massage: the procedure, useful for health It is still customary to treat erotic massage ambiguously. Some perceive it only as preliminary games, an opportunity to relax and, doing nothing, to derive sensual pleasure. Others regard the procedure as one of the varieties of conventional massage, albeit more Frank, but also helps to improve health. […]

22 Aug 2018Posted in: Information

How to perform erotic massage

How to perform proper erotic massage What do you need for a proper erotic massage, bringing not only pleasure but also benefit? Full and confident knowledge of the technique, the ability to have a client, understanding the meaning of the procedure. All this you will get in the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. Charming girl, fluent […]

27 Jul 2018Posted in: Information

Technique of erotic massage

Maddening techniques of erotic massage Erotic massage unreal: he takes over the brink of bliss, forcing you to turn away from the world. Urgent problems, conflicts of the current day, personal misunderstandings – everything is lost, it becomes unclear and distant when immersed in the Nirvana of sensual pleasure. Don’t believe? We invite you to […]

13 Jul 2018Posted in: Information

Aromatherapy massage

Sensual and aromatic: aromatherapy massage Massage is important: the correctness and delicacy of touch, the professionalism, the accuracy of the procedure. But this is if we talk about conventional technology. Erotic massage requires a number of important components, one of which is the presence of pleasant, exciting flavors. And, if you want to experience incomparable […]

30 Jun 2018Posted in: Information

The difference between erotic massage and traditional

How erotic massage differs from traditional Many people think unfairly: to carry out massage, and especially erotic, – it is simpler than simple, and everyone will be able to it. It is associated with a beautiful and sensual sexual foreplay, with an exciting game that connects the hearts of lovers … But! In fact, everything […]

16 Jun 2018Posted in: Information

Right erotic massage

A few simple rules of erotic massage Pleasant bliss, shivering body and forcing every cell to experience unearthly bliss. The feeling of fullness of being, the discovery of new feelings to which man is capable, the pleasure from which you almost fall into Nirvana. All this is a quality erotic massage. Executed with skill, it […]

31 May 2018Posted in: Information

How to order erotic massage

Do not be shy, or how to order erotic massage For modern men erotic massage – unique and at the same time pleasant opportunity to distract from daily problems, having plunged into Nirvana of relaxation and sensual pleasure. However, not every representative of the stronger sex will decide to come to the salon and order […]

30 Apr 2018Posted in: Information