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What should be the atmosphere for erotic massage

Erotic massage – a procedure that really takes you beyond the ordinary world makes you discover the possibilities of your own body, shows new facets of sensual pleasure. But the desired effect will not work, if you do not create a special, relaxing atmosphere. The client should completely disconnect, fall into a blissful state of relaxation, calm down and trust the masseuse. And for this it is important to properly organize the environment.

True relaxation-in the right place

Erotic massage will help to solve a lot of problems. First of all, in the sexual sphere, as well as personal life – this is a proven fact. If you want to experience an indescribable atmosphere of wonderful action right now, come to the St. Petersburg Spa on Nevsky “Mask”. This is the place where the most languid, most secret desires are embodied. We will not say that we are all chaste, no, sometimes the atmosphere is heated to the limit, but rest assured: all within the bounds of decency, no change! However, the feeling, of course, will be bright, especially if you come for the first time.

But back to the environment. Muted light, light, flowing like a stream, music, soft colors in the design of the rooms, pleasant materials that touch the body. All this-the necessary conditions for high-quality and really useful eromassazha, without which you simply will not be able to experience true pleasure. Here’s why.

  • Music.
  • let’s Start with the fact that most people, and among them, of course, our favorite customers – auditory, perceiving the world through sounds. It is for them that the music turns on, adjusts to the right way, forcing the body to relax and surrender to the sensual waves. But not only audialy responsive to harmonious sounds. Most clients, after hearing a specially selected composition, catching the right mood.

  • Smells.
  • Smell is one of the main conditions for creating the right atmosphere. Our charming employees know how to fill the air with a beautiful range of amazing flavors. Almost weightless, creating a transparent loop, tuning to bliss-come and feel them. No wonder they say that aromatherapy treats in our Spa is easy to see this.

  • Interior.
  • Why do people come to erotic massage without sex? It’s simple: in the rhythm of life that sets St. Petersburg (as, indeed, any other big city) is easy to get lost, get depressed, even break. It saves eromassazh, giving a true, one hundred percent relaxation and restoring libido. And to maximize the effect, it is important to properly decorate the room, using beautiful, soothing colors.

  • Light.
  • Light registration of the room – one of the main conditions of the correct approach to a venue of erotic massage. And there are special requirements. Light should not irritate, beat the eyes, cause discomfort. That is why it is very soft, almost intimate, again, makes you relax, not angry. You can even take a NAP, experiencing the bliss of skillful touches of the bodies of our masseuses.

Creating the right atmosphere in an intimate massage parlor is important. We know exactly how to decorate the room to make it as comfortable as possible! Come to the “Mask” and see for yourself!

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