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Sensual and aromatic: aromatherapy massage

Massage is important: the correctness and delicacy of touch, the professionalism, the accuracy of the procedure. But this is if we talk about conventional technology. Erotic massage requires a number of important components, one of which is the presence of pleasant, exciting flavors. And, if you want to experience incomparable bliss in a cloud of different smells, we invite you to the St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask” for an unforgettable aromatherapy.

The oils of different plants play a significant role in creating the right environment and maximum relaxation. They help to turn away from the urgent Affairs and to fully experience the pleasure of touching human bodies. Correct the smell will only add to the experience and cause the necessary experience. Order an aromatherapy erotic massage and immerse yourself in a dizzying Nirvana of bliss.

What is-aromatherapy massage

The aromas cause a person certain associations and subtly set up the perception. With the right combination of odors can be calmed, relaxed or, on the contrary – strongly excite. On aromatherapy even built treatment of sexual dysfunction in men and women, so what to talk about erotic massage, for which the smell – almost a fundamental component.

The doors of the salon” Mask ” are wide open for you on Nevsky prospect. You enter – and plunge into the blissful atmosphere, consisting of a thin plume left by special fragrant oils. It envelops, surrounds on all sides, bringing with what incomparable pleasure. Erotic massage without sex, but with the use of smells, gives:

  • incredible feeling of complete relaxation, soaring above the ground;
  • experiencing new emotions you have not experienced before;
  • a state of complete rest, dive into the Nirvana of relaxation;
  • very pleasant associations caused by delicate aromas.

Come on a fabulous procedure they make sure the magic effect that gives aromamassage.

Special use of aromatherapy massage

For every person fits a certain fragrant palette, which is designed strictly individually. Incredibly, but the right combination of smells has a therapeutic effect on the whole body – it is recognized even by official medicine, including aromomasla in inhalation formulations, for example. Well, we just offer to plunge into the incredible palette, tickling nostrils, which is completely captured and will entice.

Erotic massage – the cradle of sensual pleasure, once immersed in that, you are guaranteed to want to return again and again. But if by soft, caressing movements, stimulating the tingling and delicate touch to add the appropriate aromatic palette, you get something truly incredible. Come to the Spa “Mask”, book an aromatherapy massage – and make sure that it is better than hardly anything can be. At least, it is one of the most popular procedures in terms of emotional content, pleasure and relaxation.