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Aqua-foam massage: pleasure and benefit for you

Every massage, especially if it makes the specialist – ‘m incredibly pleasant procedure. She kneads the muscles, restores the proper blood flow, brings a sense of energy and brings an extraordinary experience. But there are techniques that will instantly ascend to the top of happiness, bring a lot of bright emotions and in General, discovering the world with others. Exactly, it is the most popular in recent years the Aqua-foam massage. Made and women, but in men it is a special delight.

If you don’t want to believe the words, but want to try everything on your own body, come to Spa for men “the Mask”! We are in the heart of St. Petersburg, on Nevsky prospect, 51 and are always happy to open the door in front of you. Guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience, filled with the most wonderful sensations. In the meantime, let us tell you that massage so – and- Aqua-foam.

What is the Aqua-foam massage

let’s Start with the fact that the procedure refers to an erotic massage, i.e. implies closer customer contact and a specialist than traditional stroking hands. No, sex is not, but the procedure itself is very exciting and enjoyable. Be prepared.

Aqua-foam massage requires baths or, better yet, Jacuzzi. Is carried out with a large amount of water and foam. You will relax while the masseuse will caress, RUB, knead your muscles and the whole body. Note that the procedure is not only pleasant, but also very beautiful. It has a kind of elegance and sophistication. Foam reminiscent of air, snowpack, under which flows the warm river. Very unusual and emotionally rich!

The History of this technique is not very long, as many other types of erotic massage without sex. The idea that you can combine bathing, bathing in the foam and massaging, rubbing of the body has long been in the air, but finally took shape when there was a modern Jacuzzi, constantly producing foam mass. Prior to that, as such procedures do not exist, because in a normal tub so long to luxuriate in the lungs bubbles, they burst with. But despite its short duration, this technique of sensual massage has already become almost a legend. So nice, gentle and aesthetically pleasing.

That you will give the Aqua-foam massage

When a person is in warm water, it is as relaxing. Calms the nervous system, muscles tense. This is a good effect, bringing a charge of energy after maximum relaxation. Add to this the light stroking, kneading every muscle, tickling bubbles and you’ll understand that there is a man in our salon of erotic massage, when ordering this equipment. Of course, the coolest sea of emotions is guaranteed! But besides fun, you will get something else:

  • positive energy that will lift your mood and cheer;
  • a feeling of complete relaxation, when you say “as if born again”;
  • palpable sexual arousal, powerful surge of libido;
  • normalization of internal blood flow and metabolism.

In General, Aqua-foam massage can be safely attributed to the procedures, which are the prevention of various diseases. It perfectly relieves stress, and it is the stress most often starts to physically suffer for our body. That is why come to a Spa “Masque” not only for relaxation, but for health.

And add: if you are a purist or a perfectionist, then it is certainly your procedure! She is beautiful, sweet and perfect from all sides.