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Meaning of odors in erotic massage

It is Impossible to overestimate the importance of properly selected aromatic oil for quality and really relaxing erotic massage. A special composition of odorous substance helps to relax as much as possible, to experience incredible pleasure, to move into the world of your own dreams and outright fantasies.

What is aromatic oil

Since ancient times people have discovered the secret of smells: if some irritate or disgust, fear, others, on the contrary, relax, and even provoke erotic desires. They increase sensuality and sensitivity, take away from everyday worries, enter into a certain state, like a trance.

Inhaling the delicate fragrance, feeling it on your own skin, a person relaxes, surrendering to bliss completely. It was then disclosed all the features of the body, increasing susceptibility to soft touches, and, as he said to the Indians, reveals the sexual chakra.

Are called amazing substances sent to us by nature, aromatic oils. In fact, they serve not only to create the necessary atmosphere of relaxation during an intimate massage, but also for other purposes. For example, with the help of pine or citrus smells, people are cured of colds, and mint notes help refresh thoughts and relieve headaches.

However, today we will focus exclusively on those aromatic compositions or individual substances that are actively used during professional erotic massage and are known since ancient times.

Aromatic oils that excite

What is the essence of any intimate massage that does not allow sexual contact? In order to give a person the maximum pleasure, to tease him, to cause exciting fantasies and, finally, to return the libido. In the frenzied rhythm of life of St. Petersburg stress becomes a constant companion of men, and in such tension the first thing that is broken is sexual desire. The young man becomes cold, indifferent, fatigue leaves the only desire: to fall into bed and at least a few hours sleep. Naturally, this behavior makes problems in personal life, destroys family happiness.

What will help? Well-conducted erotic massage that returns the attraction, restores libido. However, simple touches and strokes are not enough. A huge role is played by the aromas surrounding the man. To verify this, come to the St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask”, which is located on Nevsky Prospekt. Here you will see not only the magical power of your chosen procedure, but also in the wonderful action of amazing natural flavors. We will not reveal all the secrets, but still call some of the most popular erotic aroma oils.

  • Cypress. It is considered one of the best male aphrodisiacs, perfectly adjusting to a playful, loving mood. It is usually used in combination with other oils.
  • Bergamot. Unsurpassed stimulator of imagination, causing the wildest fantasies. Fully relaxes, boosts sensuality was.
  • Orange. This familiar childhood flavor and experience will make a unrealistic relaxation, we feel with every cell. Quite a passionate smell.
  • Cinnamon. Aromatic oil, which adds spice to what is happening, adjusts to a romantic mood. Gives a truly playful mood.
  • Pine. This aphrodisiac significantly increases the susceptibility of erogenous zones, so it is very popular in erotic procedures. Creates a feeling of comfort, warmth.

Of course, just dropping a little oil is not enough, it is necessary to use it correctly, combining it with other aromatic substances, creating light, subtle compositions. Beautiful employees of St. Petersburg “mask” perfectly know how to handle the wonderful gifts of nature, so that you enjoy not only the body but also the soul!

Do you want to experience all the charm of properly selected aromatic combinations? Come to our cozy Spa salon right in the center of St. Petersburg and see how magical and gentle can be any technique of erotic massage!